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Now Counselling Solutions

Help when you need it

Compassionate Private Counselling Services

Life is sometimes tough and leaves us with overwhelming, feelings, thoughts and experiences that we desperately wish were not there. Sometimes, we behave in ways we wish we did not and wish to understand why we behave that way or how we can change. It does not matter how you feel right now or how we behave. Whether depressed, anxious, stuck, lost, confused, embattled, hopeless, estranged, isolated, lonely, rejected, suicidal or angry, what matters is that we can work through any of those feelings and can experience what you would rather experience.

So, whether you are looking for a change, trying to explore the past or present experiences, or looking for ways of coping with your current difficulties, we are interested in being a significant part of your journey. With over 15 years-experience of working with people struggling with their mental health, and experience of counselling on relationship issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders weight and health issue with encouraging feedback, we feel confident that we can work through your issues together.

Become a Better Version of Yourself

We are here to facilitate your use of current situation as stepping stones. We believe that life is a journey where we sometimes go through what could feel like dark lonely tunnels. We sometimes feel, ‘This is it! The end has come’. However, the truth is, the end has not come. What feels like the dark tunnel can be transformed into a channel leading to new horizon and hope.

Often, our circumstances are phases and with the right support, a better us can emerge. At NCS, we guarantee to help you clarify where you are, where you want to be and also to journey with you until you reach your destination.

Why Choose Us?

Life experience has equipped us with unparalleled empathy, genuine interest, adaptable, proactive, non-judgemental and solution-focused attitude. We offer support till you come through.

Who We Are